Hygienist Visits

Hygienist VisitsHygienists help you to obtain healthy gums that don’t bleed, fresh breath and spotlessly clean teeth. They will also teach you how to optimise your own cleaning skills to use at home.

If you suffer from periodontal disease which causes bone destruction and loose teeth, hygienists are essential – with gentle, but thorough cleaning, they can slow the process down so that you stand a much better chance of keeping your teeth for life.

Direct Access Hygienist visits

Until 1st May 2013, if you wanted to make an appointment with a dental hygienist you would have to see a dentist first. However, this rule has now changed and so you can now book directly with a dental hygienist offering a ‘direct access service’. This means the ‘hygienist’ is working within her scope of practice, which includes professional cleaning services and advice on gum health and prevention of dental disease.

If your dentist does not have an hygienist, or you’re not registered at a dental practice yet but would like to book a private hygienist appointment, then please call us on 01208 873290.

If our hygienist notices that you may need other general dental treatment, she’ll refer you back to your general dentist with her findings. Direct access hygiene appointments does not constitute ‘registration’ with the practice and we cannot guarantee to provide emergency treatment to non-registered patients. If you are not registered with a practice, Lostwithiel Dental would be able to register you as a private patient, please book in for a new patient consultation with one of our dentists.